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October 19th/20th, 2017

Wing of Change

- Ruptures in Market Demand, Technologies, Regulations, International Relationships -

Location: Paris / France

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October 20th/21st, 2016


Aerospace 4.0 - The Innovation Challenge

"Exploring the opportunities for technology and business INNOVATION in aerospace and the challenges this places on leadership within our Industry"

Location: Seville/Spain

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Previous Events

October 15th/16th, 2015


"Managing complex and challenging projects in large organizations taking into account culture and technology in a national and multi-national perspective"


Location: Linköping/Sweden

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Presentations shown during the Linköping Seminar will be soon be made available in the Members´ Area.

October 16th/17th, 2014

"Global Trends and Impact on Aerospace Industry"

Location: Munich/Germany

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October 17th/18th, 2013

Naples 2000: How do we adapt to change in the Aerospace Industry?

Naples 2013: What and how did we actually change within Aerospace & Defense Industry?

Location: Naples/Italy

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April 19th/20th, 2012

ECALAS Seminar joining this year the ECATA Closing Ceremony and Diploma Award 20th Anniversary
Name: Enhancing programs competitiveness while developing worldwide cooperation
Location: Paris, France

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Please visit our Members´Area for more information on this event. The presentations held at the 15th ECALAS Seminar can also be found in this area.

Oct. 6th/7th, 2011

Name: European Aerospace Business Challenges
Location: Warton (UK) on site of BAE Systems
Please visit our Members´ Area for further information on this event.

Oct. 7th/8th, 2010

Name: Soft Facts, Culture and Leadership in European Aerospace Industry
Location: Varese (Italy)

Oct. 22nd/23th, 2009

The global theme was: Risk and Opportunity Management in Programmes


Oct. 11th - 12th, 2007

Name: The 11th ECALAS follow-up seminar
Location: Germany / TU Munich (Garching)& Donauwoerth

The global theme was: Balancing core competencies and out-sourcing (including knowledge & supply chain management)


Oct. 5th - 6th, 2006

Name: The 10th ECALAS follow-up seminar
Location: France (Toulouse) in association with ECATA 15th Anniversary an SUP'AERO

The global theme was: Aerospace Globalization - New Challenges and skills development for International Program Management


Oct. 6th - 7th, 2005

Name: The 9th ECALAS follow-up seminar
Location: Sweden (Linköping)

The global theme was : Asian Perspectives & new challenges for the European Aerospace Industry (Opportunities / Threats, & )


Oct. 7th-8th, 2004

Name: Synergies between Civil and Military Approaches in Aerospace
Location: Seville / Spain

8th ECALAS seminar agenda & participants: Click here

You can find presentations to the 8th Seminar in the member´s area (members only).